Top Things To Remember for Winter Driving in Fairhaven, MA

Winter is here in Fairhaven, MA and with below freezing temperatures already in effect, it is of the utmost importance to have your vehicle readily prepared for the winter road conditions we have to settle for at months at a time. Here at the Alden Mazda service center, our certified technicians know a thing or two about keeping your Mazda investment operating at top levels of performance. Here's a quick rundown of what we can do to prepare your vehicle for the icy road conditions, and some tips to consider before heading out for your commute.

One thing to always have handy in your vehicle is a roadside kit. Accidents happen, especially during periods of severe weather. Having a road kit with a blanket, extra pair of gloves, an extra ice scraper, and roadside flares are ideal for staying visible and warm in the case of a breakdown.

The Mazda technicians at our service center have what it takes to prepare the well-being and readiness of your car for the winter road conditions. Having dependable traction and stopping power is mandatory for the icy conditions we face on our roads and our service team will check the tread and inflation of your tires. If need be, we will change, or rotate your tires to optimize your grip to the road's service.

Having winter-grade oil in your vehicle as well as winter windshield wiper fluid keeps your vehicle operating at top levels of performance and provides clear vision needed for inclement road conditions. If you haven't had your Mazda serviced this winter, feel free to schedule an appointment at our service center by calling our team at (888)448.5982. We provide your car model with everything it needs for the winter road conditions. See you soon!

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