At the Alden Collision Center in Fairhaven, we provide a wide range of services designed to get your vehicle back on the road!  We work with all major insurance carriers.  Our goal is to make all repairs as painless as possible for you, the owner.

Collision Repair - Been in an accident? Whether with another vehicle, on your own, storm damage, or simply got a little close to the side of your garage, Alden is here to get your car back to the way it was before the accident, quickly, efficiently and correctly.

Small Damage Repairs - Is your car starting to show the effects of parking lot scrapes, dings and damage? We can make economical repairs to your vehicle to have it looking good in no time.

Lease Turn-In/Trade-In Repair - Is your leased vehicle about to be turned in? Thinking of selling that car? Don't get charged a ton of money for minor body damage and scratches or get less money then what it is worth. We can make it right beforehand.

Passion for Paint - Your vehicle getting a little old and you want it to have that "factory fresh" look? Using our professional paint mixing system from AkzoNobel we can mix and apply any factory color paint and make your car shine like new again.

Professional Detailing - From a basic wax treatment, to a full-on paint correction package or a full interior detail with heated shampoo carpets we can do it all.  Please ask about all of our available packages and detail offerings.

Headlight Restoration - No need to replace older headlights and definitely don't let them become a safety hazard.  If they are getting a bit dim or foggy let us buff and shine them up to restore their effectiveness and look.

Paint-less Dent Removal and Scratch Repair - We can repair many small dents and scratches using our exclusive paint-less dent and scratch removal processes.

Regular everyday maintenance - While your vehicle is in for repairs and you need anything done mechanically we also have a full service professional Mechanical and Maintenance department.

Our Advantage….
#1 Personal and Professional service from people who care!  Remember we work for you, not your insurance company.

Towing Assistance - With our preferred network of reliable and professional towing and recovery vehicles we will get your vehicle here safely with little to no effort on your part.

Free Computerized Estimates - We provide a detailed estimate of the cost to repair your vehicle done by a Massachusetts Licensed Automotive Collision Repair specialist. 

Rental Assistance - We will find the best way to get you a ride while your car is being repaired, with the least amount of your time invested.

Free Wash and Clean - Every car we repair gets a basic cleaning.

Please contact John Gibbs
Body Shop Manager
Licensed Damage Appraiser
phone: 508.999.3300 Option #4