For drivers in the local Fairhaven area looking for the right blend of performance and efficiency, our staff at Alden Mazda has a plethora of experience with the brand's signature SKYACTIV® Technology. As the chief source of consistent innovation within our Mazda models since 2011, this suite of maximized engineering is determined to impress interested buyers with an enhanced exterior frame and body construction, unparalleled engine efficiency, and uncompromising ride quality from responsive transmissions. Whether you're considering a Mazda for the first time or are on the hunt for your next model in the nearby Dartmouth, New Bedford, Fall River, or Cape Cod areas, our dealership has exciting grasp on the latest technologies within our new inventory of models.

SKYACTIV® Transmissions

Beyond the pair of powerful and efficient engines lies a duo of different transmissions of consider with your next Mazda model. The SKYACTIV®-DRIVE 6-Speed Automatic strikes a familiar chord for casual drivers, with a smooth-shifting ride and a fulfilling sense of agility with each acceleration. With the assistance of its advanced control module, drivers are able to enjoy a more thorough and responsive ride - which matches well with the performance from the SKYACTIV® engines. For those who prefer the experience of a manual transmission, there is the SKYACTIV®-MT 6-Speed Manual. With this equipped, each of our models are able to revel in a performance and overall quality that feels inspired by the MX-5 Miata.


Most conventional gas engines suffer from not being able to maximize the energy of their fuel, which results in low fuel economy numbers and higher overall gas spending. With the SKYACTIV® G 2.0L and 2.5L gasoline engines offered within our latest Mazda models, our customers have been able to revel in a greater display of fuel efficiency - keeping them on the road and away from the pump for longer. This is made possible by the higher compression ratios in the two powertrains, which help to capitalize on more energy from every drop of fuel. Coupled with more responsive performances and improved torque output, each of our new Mazda vehicles is able to offer a more exciting experience.


SKYACTIV® Platform

Beyond the drive and performance of our Mazda vehicles is their high-quality body and chassis, which rounds out their complete package for local drivers. The core of our many different models is the SKYACTIV®-BODY, which guarantees a light, durable, yet stylish look for your vehicle of choice. Whether you crave a sense of swift ease at lower speeds, or controllable stability at higher speeds, the framework for each of our latest models is focused on ensuring a confident ride in any location. The ultra-high tensile-strength steel is also light enough to promote the vehicle's overall fuel efficiency, which feeds back into the original inspiration for the automaker's design.