How Long Does It Take to Charge an Electric Vehicle?

2022 Mazda MX-30 Charging on Street
So, how long does it take to charge an electric vehicle? Electric car charging time varies depending on the specific charging option you use in Fall River. Since there are different plugs and ports, our service team recommends ordering charging adapters so you can use any charging option. At Alden Mazda in Fairhaven, we can walk you through the electric car charging times and methods for your EV.

Not only are there different charging options, but there are a variety of battery packs equipped in different EVs which will change the electric car charging time. There is not a one size fits all answer to. “How long does it take to charge an electric car” However, we can still help you learn the electric car charging time. 



Electric Car Charging Time 

  1. Domestic Outlet Home Charging (Regular Outlet): A normal grounded (three-prong) 110V/120V charging outlet (Level 1 Charging) doesn’t offer the fastest charging speed, but its great to top off some charge from commuting through Dartmouth.
  2. Installed Brand-Approved Domestic Charging: Level 2 Charging is typically professionally installed. Level 2 charging uses rapid (usually 240V+) chargers typically designed for your specific brand of car which will help it charge faster than a generic outlet. 
  3. Public Charging: You can charge on-the-go in New Bedford at public spaces like parking garages, malls, hotels, stores, and apartment buildings. Level 3 electric car charging time varies in speed and type.

Typical Domestic Charging Electric Car Charging Time

Domestic car charging times vary based on whether you choose Level 1 or Level 2 charging. Here’s more on that:

  • Level 1 EV charging often takes days to fully charge an electric car. 
  • Level 2 EV charging often takes several hours to fully charge an electric car. You can often get between 60-200 miles of range in just 20-30 minutes with Level 2 DC charging, though. 

Typical Public Charging Electric Car Charging Time

Many home chargers offer 3.7 kW or 7 kW charging. Most public stations offer 22 kW charging, 43-50 kW rapid charging and 150 kW rapid charging. Some vehicles get a full charge (0-100%) in an hour while others may take 4 hours, 6 hours, or 11 hours for a full charge. 

Find Your Electric Vehicle Near Fall River

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