What Is Mazda SKYACTIV®, and How Does It Benefit You?

March 26th, 2019 by

So, what is SKYACTIV®? You’ve probably heard the term before in Mazda commercials, or just seen it on the back of some of the newer Mazda cars. The name “SKYACTIV®” originated from the phrase “The sky’s the limit”. It describes Mazda’s commitment to go above and beyond to create a more efficient car. It’s due largely to the technology that went into making their engine more efficient, but its much more than that. It’s also how they go about making the entire car better. Alden Mazda offers drivers in the Fairhaven, MA area a wide range of new Mazda cars and SUVs that all feature the SKYACTIV® approach. Read on to see why your next car should be a Mazda.

Most Fairhaven drivers want to spend less on gas, and a Mazda car or SUV could help you with that. Mazda built SKYACTIV® vehicles with engines that are designed to use less fuel. They did this by raising the compression ratio to 13:1 on most of their vehicles, which is higher than most cars on the market. Mazda also made their SKYACTIV® vehicles lighter by reducing the weight of the transmission. The new transmission in all-wheel drive models is 40 kg lighter than previous models. This makes less work for the engine and means less fuel is needed to accelerate. But Mazda didn’t stop there. They even made the SKYACTIV® cars and SUVs more aerodynamic. This reduces wind resistance to the vehicle, helping it to maintain speed easier and use less gas. So, basically Mazda used a minimalist approach on their cars and SUVs to make them more fuel efficient. This same approach went into the interior design. Mazda vehicles have uncluttered cabins with comfortable seats and no unnecessary buttons and switches. Each button or switch in a Mazda car suits a purpose, and all the systems are user-friendly. If you want a fuel- efficient car that also has a first-rate interior, contact Alden Mazda and test drive a new Mazda car or SUV today.

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